Designed by Bronisław Zelek, the most popular Polish analogue-era typeface is finally back and Pro, even though it never went out of fashion. Back in the days, New Zelek was commonly used in the only right advertising in communist Poland. Then it went international. You might have seen this typeface on some famous music album covers. Bronisław Zelek, the legendary artist of the Polish School of Posters, is presently a painter – visit his website at bronislawzelek.com.

Originally conceived as a dry transfer for the French company Mecanorma in 1974, the font gets a digital adaptation consulted with the author after more than 40 years. Contains Latin and Cyrillic characters. An Arabic version will be released in 2020. The typeface has a large kerning table - more than 9000 pairs and many additional characters that were not present in the analogue version. Connected and unconnected versions allow for creative solutions when using letters with diacritical marks.