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“This Way! Navigation tools in visual communication” [Exhibition guide]

As a type foundry, we are obsessed with arrows – all our fonts contain additional sets of navigation symbols. This inspired us to go beyond typography and put together broader presentations: type specimen focused on arrows and an exhibition* guide where you can find fascinating stories behind navigation tools that we use every day.

From the specimen introduction:
Have you ever thought where the cursor came from, or why the oldest arrow ever created was showing the way to a brothel? The answers to those questions are part of those publications. The project aims to explain the historical background of arrows and exciting phenomena related to them. Understanding the context of those signs can help clarify the development of human perception. The spectrum of interpretation is broad: the arrow could have been a tool for killing (as in the case of Robin Hood), it could be an indicator of directions or even a symbol of love (Cupid’s attribute). “This way!” initiative will not set a course for your life, but it might explain some of the stories behind arrows which are an active, but often hidden part of our everyday life.

*The exhibition was part of the Weltformat Graphic Design Festival, Luzern, Switzerland, 2019.

BUNDLE. If you purchase the set of 4 of our specimens (This way. Specimen, This way. Guide, Variable Radius and HAHAHA / AHAHAH. From art practice to typography.), you will get our tote bag for free.

“This Way! Navigation tools in visual communication” [Exhibition guide]
Format: 23cm x12,5cm
Colour: two Pantones
Paper: Creamy HiBulk 53gr, distributed by Stora Ensoro. This paper was produced in a more sustainable way than most of the papers on the market and it is very light in terms of weight which was also crucial as we knew this print will travel
Pages: 60
Publisher: threedotstype.com

Price: 10 EUR