Variable Radius
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Variable Radius. A Pocket English–French–Polish dictionary of circle related proverbs

We couldn't resist sharing our grand passion for swirls, circles and their multiple meanings in culture. That's how the idea was conceived, and the Radius specimen received educational function. It became not only a typeface's showcase but also an English-Polish-French pocket dictionary of circle-related proverbs. In addition, this candy-bomb-looking booklet is a true celebration of printed matter, questioning the role and function of a printed specimen in the digital era. Its 64 pages have been published on high quality white and fluorescent papers.

RADIUS is a typeface allowing subtle adjustment in the anatomy of the characters. The full potential of this variable feature appears while typesetting on round shapes. It makes the most of the possibilities created by variable font technology and comfortably sits on a conventional baseline, however, it proves its flexibility best when its three axes are put to use. The characters morph into a surprising array of contours by adjusting the top, bottom, and width parameters.

Title: Variable Radius (typespecimen)
Subtitle: A Pocket English–French–Polish dictionary of circle related proverbs

Format: 23cm x 12,5cm
Graphic design and concept: Radek Łukasiewicz, Marian Misiak
(support Maria Jarzyna, Patrycja Wójcik)
Radius font designed by: Radek Łukasiewicz
Fonts used: Radius, Di Grotesk
Dictionary texts + translations: Geneviève Cugnart, Radek Łukasiewicz
Photography: threedotstype
Papers: Fluo Poster (variuos colours), Munken Print White 100g

Print: Szaransky Print Company, RH+
www.szaransky.biz, www.rh.plus
ISBN 978—83–954954—4—1

Pages: 64
Publisher: threedotstype.com

Price: 10 EUR